Sherry Peppard - bio

Sherry Boucher PeppardSherry Boucher was once married to actor George Peppard.

She began her film career by way of national commercials in New York City. She was brought to Los Angeles and put under contract at Universal Studios. She appeared on television series such as "Lassie," "Run for Your Life," "Sanford and Son," "O'Hara," "Columbo," and "Dragnet." She worked with stars such as Jack Webb, Ben Gazarra, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., David Jantzen, Redd Foxx and Peter Falk. She considered Lee J. Cobb as her mentor even though they never worked together.

She had leading roles in various plays, including "The Impossible Years" with Ozzie and Harriet Nelson and "Couple of White Chicks Sitting Around Talking" by John Ford Noonan.

In 1964, she worked under the name of "Sherry Lynn" in the film The Shepherd of the Hills, with Richard Arlen. Other film roles include White Lightning (1973), with Burt Reynolds and Five Days from Home (1979) in the role of Wanda Dulac, co-starring with husband George Peppard, and sister Savannah. Her most recent roles were in the films Nursie (2004), having appeared again with her sister, and Jeremiah’s Secret (2006), in which she played the role of "Pam".

She is descended from a long line of Louisiana Democratic politicians. Her mayor-father’s first cousin, the late Drayton Boucher, was a member of both houses of the Louisiana State Legislature, having served from 1936-1952. Boucher's maternal uncle, Johnny D. Herrington, served as Springhill mayor from 1978–1986 and again from 1995-2006.

A motivational speaker, Peppard is the founder of Mothers Against Guns in the Classroom. She has a daughter, Chessa Boucher Lytle, from her second marriage, and also has a younger sister, Jessica Boucher Beamish, married to Record Producer & Mixer Kevin Beamis in Nashville, Tennessee.

Sherry and Savannah are creating a one-woman-show which they both will write and produce. They plan to open Off-Broadway. The working title is "Daddy's Little Girls." They plan to have Jessica and Kevin create and produce the music.


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